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New 1099 Form for 2021

The craziness of 2020 isn’t over, despite the date change on the calendar. There’s a new 1099 form for contractors you paid in 2020. Here’s what you need to know. Any person or company to whom you paid at least $600 for services in 2020 should receive a 1099.  This includes all individuals, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), or Limited Partnerships (LP) to whom you paid $600 or more over…  Read more

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"Jim and co. helped me get a handle on my business so I could just….lead. We built dashboards, we lead with clear goals and made plans accordingly. That might sound like table-stakes, but when you are a solo founder juggling 20 FTEs, you need someone awake at the wheel guiding you to your promised land."

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Through the years I’ve found myself frustrated when working with consultants or CPAs that would advise us as if we are selling widgets, not services. There’s so many nuances to our business that I felt it was time to start working with a CPA that knew the ins and outs of the particulars of agency finance - from cost and revenue per employee targets, to realistic profit goals, to tax planning for us owners. Jim was also instrumental during the first few months of the Covid pandemic in guiding us through the PPP application process and helping us make rapid decisions when many variables were changing on a daily basis. I highly recommend working with Jim and his team for any agency owner.

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Jim continually gives me the insights and advice I need to run my business well. I know that when I ask a question, I'm getting meaningful feedback based on market experience versus just general benchmarks. We would not have seen the growth and financial stability we have now, if it were not for Agency CPAs. When we have specific questions regarding how our agency should manage its financials, Agency CPAs already know the answer. It saves time and increases overall effectiveness - making our financials just that much stronger.

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