Predict with Cashflow Forecasts

Managing cash flow is a vital part of running a successful agency. Some agency owners think managing cash flow simply means keeping track of how much money enters and leaves the firm, but there’s actually more that goes into it. Cash flow forecasting, for example, is an incredibly valuable tool that helps you anticipate cash flow issues, plan for days when your cash flow is limited, and show the bank…  Read more

CARES ACT – Paycheck Protection Program

The most important part of the CARES Act that will apply to your business is the Paycheck Protection Program (section 1102 p. 9)​ What is it? It’s a forgivable loan (basically a grant) for you to retain employees. Businesses with less than 500 employees are eligible for this. It’s designed to cover payroll and overhead costs for eight weeks. How much? The maximum amount is up to 2.5x of an employer’s average…  Read more

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Two Components: The Emergency Paid Leave Act (EPLA) The Emergency Expansion of Family Medical Leave (EFMLA) #1 – EPLA The employee must not be able to work at all (remotely or on-site) due to any of the following: The employee is subject to any federal, state, or local quarantine A health care provide advised the employee to self-quarantine The employee has symptoms of the virus The employee is caring for…  Read more

Coronavirus Response Act and how it impacts you

This week the Coronavirus Response Act will be signed into legislation. Establishing paid leave for employees and offsetting tax credits to employers. What it does Employers will be required to pay their employees affected by the coronavirus. Either through illness or quarantine related measures. The government will be offsetting this cost through payroll tax credit or refund. The Details Employees of companies with less than 500 employees can take up…  Read more

What Cashflow Lever is your Agency Pulling?

Know your Numbers Cold Now more than ever you need to know how cash in moving in and out of your agency. What is your monthly burn rate? How many days of cash do you have on hand? What’s that number if revenue cuts in half? …..what if it goes to zero? Why is is so important? No your revenue won’t go to zero, but knowing your runway in a…  Read more

Are You Habit Stacking Your Tax Payments?

Taxes are a pain, but there’s no way to avoid them, right? We try all the time to research every possible deduction and get all the wonderful benefits of being a business owner, but at the end of every year, we’re still stuck paying an arm and a leg, sometimes with penalties and interest as well.  What can we do to get ourselves out of this vicious cycle? One great…  Read more

Is your Agency Leveraging the QBI Deduction?

If you operate your agency as a pass-through entity, (proprietorship, partnership, or S-corporation), the profits of that business can generate you a big Section 199A tax deduction. Agency – No-Problem Businesses You qualify for the Section 199A deduction, regardless of pass-through business type—when you have Pass-through qualified business income (QBI), and  2019 Form 1040 taxable income equal to or less than $160,700 (single / head of household) or $321,400 (married,…  Read more

How Much Capital Does Your Agency Need?

Running a digital marketing agency requires you to have money on hand to make more of it. While bringing in new and retaining old clients sounds like the best fix, it takes a little more managerial flex than that. Remember, cash is king. You need it to operate and grow your agency now and in the future. Let’s start by examining the root of capital needs: working cash flow. It’s…  Read more

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